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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: First Place (Daniel Anthony, Opinion Category); Fifth Place (Brendan Jubulis, Sports)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
Student Keystone Press Awards Honorable Mention (Website)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Opinion: Make America Smart Again


This election year has been an unusual one for many Americans. America has never seen an election year like this. With scandals coming from both the left and the right, many Americans are very unhappy with the two main candidates. However, as Americans we can use this election as a learning lesson. Each candidate has exposed many things that are wrong within this country, and I think it is very important that Americans learn from the candidates’ mistakes.
In the case of Bernie Sanders, he exposed the college crisis in this country. College in America is possibly one of the biggest scams in history. Attending many of the colleges in this country comes with a very expensive bill, leaving many Americans in severe debt. Sanders sparked the idea of free college. This tactic gained the support of many young Americans around the world.
This just shows how easily influenced and swayed we are as Americans, especially the youth in this country. Sanders also exposed that living with college loans can be a huge struggle. I believe, especially as a senior applying to colleges, that college is very expensive and that there should be some regulations on tuition and student loans. There has to be an easier way to get an education and an easier way to pay off debts and loans.
Hillary Clinton also had many mistakes, most of which are not able to be deleted. She has shown how important a government official’s job is and how magnified your mistakes become when you hold a position of power. Clinton has faced scandals with the Clinton Foundation, her emails, and with her campaign staff.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, has shed a different light on this campaign. From his interview tape with Billy Bush to Trump University scandals to his rhetoric, Trump has become infamous in the public eye. Trump has shown that what you say and how you act in the past can  come back and really affect you. Trump probably never thought he’d be in the position he is in now, but we can learn from his mistakes that you need to be careful of what you say and how you act.
Many Americans are angered and surprised by this election. Both candidates are filled to the brim with faults, and many people are stuck choosing between “the lesser of two evils,” whatever they determine that means to them. The role of the president in this country should be taken very seriously. Through this election we have found that a candidate’s character and integrity are very important aspects, and they are necessary to run for president.

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