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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Comparing fast food burgers around Erie


The hamburger is a staple of many American diets, specifically fast-food burgers. Just as an example, McDonalds alone sells 6.8 million burgers a day. Naturally, people will have many opinions on the topic of which fast food burger is the best, so I took it upon myself to compile the pros and cons of each fast-food burger so you can decide for yourself which is the best.

(Please note this list only includes fast food chains in Erie, Pa.)

Burger King 
Pros: BK offers large portions and is incredibly cheap. In fact, they just released a $1 cheeseburger on their value menu. Another plus for Burger King is that they are the first major chain to offer a plant-based burger. Plus, their burgers are aesthetically pleasing, and they have a good selection of burgers.

Cons: The bun-to-meat ratio is egregious and possibly the worst on the list; it’s no wonder most of their selections have more than one patty. The other big downside to a Burger King burger is that it easily tastes the worst across the most common chains.

Pros: It is cheap and accessible. The Big Mac itself has an interesting gimmick with it almost being two burgers in one. The McDonald’s burger is famous for being great comfort food.

Cons: It is unhealthy even compared to the rest of the chains. They have a habit of putting stuff people don’t ask for on their burgers. Also, the moment the burger enters your car you will smell the grease, a potent smell that ruins any McDonald’s experience.

Dairy Queen
Pros: DQ offers an unexpectedly decent burger that pairs well with the rest of Dairy Queen’s menu. There isn’t much more to say about this burger; it’s something you might get if you’re already getting a Blizzard.

Cons: Getting a burger here takes forever. For one reason or another, the ketchup doesn’t pair as well with this burger as it does with most, and the big red flag is that this burger is microwaved before it is given to you. Once you realize this, the burger’s general sogginess makes much more sense. 

Five Guys
Pros: They have very large burgers. All of their regular burgers have two patties, and the burgers are some of the freshest around.

Cons: Five Guys is infamously expensive, and people with peanut allergies aren’t allowed to enter the establishment, which is a shame for such a good burger.

Pros: Their 4 for $4 deal is a great bang for your buck. The burger here tastes great and easily outclasses most other fast-food burgers.

Cons: Wendy’s doesn’t do much to set itself apart from places like Burger King or McDonald’s besides the square patty. Also, their overall menu selection is just OK.

Those are the pros and cons of different burgers from fast food places around Erie.

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