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Students find new complications with daily routes


Students in recent weeks have been finding themselves having to reroute their daily walks to class. With the merger of Prep and Villa announced earlier in the year, there have been many changes at Cathedral Prep building-wise. One prime example of this is the athletic wing being remodeled, resulting in many staff members needing to be relocated. Because of this, the athletic wing has been completely shut down, which shuts down a key walkway for the students. 

This leaves the only other alternative: the tunnel. For some, this change doesn’t affect them, but for a considerable portion, it affects how they get to their next class. 

Freshman Ryan Jones says he is late to math class most of the time. He has to go straight from gym to his locker to math, and the blocked walkway means he has to go through the tunnel to get to his locker. 

“Normally I can just go straight and up the stairs, and I’ll be there,” Ryan said, “but now I have to go around.”

As for sophomore Aidan Richter, he says that it doesn’t personally affect him, but he understands how it can be frustrating for other students. He doesn’t have to go to his locker after lunch, which saves him a lot of time.

Junior Colin Hudson was very against the closed off walkway, as it makes him late to AP Calculus daily, especially when students stop in the middle of it, and traffic is halted for a while. 

“Now that it’s more congested, it’s slower and kids like to stop in the hallway,” Collin said.

Senior Alex Purchase also showed disdain towards the closing. Purchase said that while his teacher is understanding, the congestion of the tunnel also irks him. He shares this sentiment with Collin when it comes to students stopping.

“It big time negatively affects me,” Alex said, “It makes it harder for me to get to my physics class after lunch.”

The students of course know that it is no fault of the school that causes this issue. However, it is safe to say that it makes student life a bit harder. Overall, among students, opinions are mixed with frustration and anticipation due to the ongoing construction.

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