ESPN’s Streak For the Cash catches on among students


The Rambler

StreakForTheCashSports and winning money: what more could a guy want? With these two things combining to form ESPN’s “Streak for the Cash,” it is obvious why it is quickly taking over the school.
Streak for the Cash is free to play. The contest includes a wide variety of sports and different match ups daily. It can vary from questions about who will win a particular game to how many touchdowns will be scored in the 2nd quarter or which basketball duo will score more points.
What makes the game even better is that if you get a 27-game win streak during the month you win the pot of $350,000! Since this goal is very difficult, there is also a prize for whomever has the longest win streak of the month.  In October, the longest streak happened to be 25. The person with the longest streak for the month wins a prize of $50,000.
Tommy Agresti, an 8th grader at Our Lady’s Christian School in Erie, actually had the longest streak of the month a few months ago and won the $50,000. I can’t see Streak for the Cash dying off in popularity anytime soon. When you are on a losing streak you just want to keep playing and turn it around. And when you are on a winning streak you want to keep going and try to win the grand prize.