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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Game Review: Lego Fortnite


For years now, the world of online gaming has been largely dominated by Epic Games’ Fortnite. Since it became popular in late 2017 the free-to-play battle royale has been constantly growing. While it has had many upswings and drop offs of players throughout its time, it has been consistently expanding and updating—a main reason the game is so popular.  The constant changes and updates may alienate some players, but they also generate new streams of revenue and more new players start playing.

To continue the growth rate, the game underwent a massive update to start off Chapter 5, Season 1. Epic is no stranger to collaborating with other companies and brands to innovate the game, but for the first time they partnered with a company to make a completely new version of the game.

Players can now jump into a new game mode as Lego characters, or minifigures. Lego Fortnite provides a unique experience; however, the survival and crafting style gameplay can be compared to Minecraft or Terraria with Lego designs and beautiful graphics.

The game designers have also turned more than a thousand cosmetic items into Lego, making the player able you use their favorite skin in game. While it’s certainly fun, the emotional feedback is the biggest seller for me. It has a similar feel to the old Lego games that were popular among kids in the 2000s and 2010s. The nostalgia makes it feel like you’re making an adventure for your little plastic toys again.

The update has only been out for a week now, so obviously it isn’t perfect. There does seem to be a lack of a goal currently—it is a sandbox game so some might be alright with this. Some of the game mechanics are a bit finicky, but the overall experience is very enjoyable. Early complaints from players seem to focus attention on its lack of longevity. It can get tiring fast, if you’re not the kind of player who enjoys grinding for new loot and resources in the sake of progressing.

I personally find Lego Fortnite a great new addition to the game. It’s fun to mess around in and it’s not very complex, so it isn’t very stressful. The multiplayer functions great, and the addition of keys to let players into a world when the world owner isn’t online is amazing. The building is smooth and satisfying, simultaneously feeling like the normal Fortnite mechanics and building a real Lego set. I’m going to continue playing it and look forward to more updates soon.

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John Santone, Senior Editor-in-Chief
John Santone is the Senior Editor-in-Chief for The Rambler. This is his second year as a staff member. He enjoys writing, movies, music, and football. His current plan is to attend Penn State Behrend for an English degree.
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