Guatemalan students shadowing at Prep for four weeks


Brian Buseck

image1 (1)The halls of Cathedral Prep have been a little more crowded lately. This is due to a relatively new program here at Prep. This program, started last year, allows a small group of Guatemalan students to shadow a student at Prep for four weeks. The Guatemalans learn about American culture, and Prep students gain a little insight into what life is like in Guatemala by conversing with our guests.
Director of Admissions Mr. Dougherty stated that the purpose of this program has two sides. The Guatemalans get to learn about our American culture and improve their proficiency in the English language. On the other side, Prep and Villa students get to converse with students from another culture and come to realize that we are “indeed part of a global community.”
image2 (1)Mr. Dougherty added, “[this experience] generates more of an appreciation for diversity.” The most exciting thing about this program for Mr. Dougherty is that he gets to watch the Guatemalan students grow and form friendships in the four weeks that they are here. He believes that these bonds will certainly last a lifetime.