Villa amends 1,000-point scorers board to honor male alumni


The Rambler

A little more than a month after The Rambler published an article noting the PVEC’s 1,000-point board was missing names from Villa’s past, the board has been updated, honoring the male thousand point scorers were for their achievements. The names of the male alumni 1,000-point scorers were placed on the same list as the female 1,000-point scorers.
The original unveiling of the thousand points scorers list went smoothly as many people did not see a problem with the original list. It took a while after the original unveiling for people to notice the issue. After the issue was brought to the attention of the proper authorities, the missing names were quickly added to the list.
Although Villa is today an all-girls school, it’s nice to see the school recognizing their past. For the athletes that dedicated the time to reach the 1,000 point milestone, it is nice to be able to show their friends and families their accomplishments as well. Kevin Buczynski, leading all-time male scorer for Villa, said, “It always feels good to get recognized for your accomplishments. All the points I scored wouldn’t have been possible without my teammates. I am happy they got it right and that we are going to get recognized for the hard work we put in.”
Overall, Villa made the right choice by putting the names of the male thousand point scorers on the board. It’s not right to take away the hard work and dedication any athlete has done, particularly those who reached such an impressive milestone. Congratulations to all those Prep and Villa player who have scored 1,000 points and those in the future working towards that milestone.