Trump trying to purchase Greenland


Ryan Jubulis

On Aug. 20, President Donald Trump reached out to Denmark, the current owner of the massive glacier known as Greenland, but Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen would not budge. The President later tweeted that Frederiksen would schedule a meeting to discuss the matter at a future time.

Amid a trade war with the U.S., China expressed interest in the deal. This would be terrible for the country as China would then have access to the world’s richest country in metals, such as zinc, lead, and iron. Another negative outcome would be the termination of the Thule Air base, which has the country’s most important satellite missile defense system.

Greenland, home to a bit more than 50,000 people is most comparable to Alaska with pure air and water, as well as a surplus in fish, shrimp, and lots of renewable energy. However, the official government who reports directly to Copenhagen, Denmark, has stated that the land is not for sale.