Meet the new math teacher, Mrs. Quinn


The Rambler

IMG_3226As most of you know, our beloved math teacher Mr. Dustin Burger has left Prep in pursuit of other opportunities. For weeks the student body was wondering who his replacement would be, and how he or she would fit in at Prep. Our questions were answered when we walked into class on Monday, Jan. 6, and we were welcomed by the friendly face of Mrs. Sue Quinn.
Mrs. Quinn has a son at Prep, so she is already familiar with the school and its mission. She comes to us from Larson Textbook Company where she was a manager. Before that, she worked as a math teacher in New Jersey, so she has adequate experience in education.
She has only been at Prep for a few weeks, but her students are already learning a lot from her and are prospering in her class. I am in her AP Calculus class, and I know that I have already benefited greatly from her instruction and guidance.
I had a chance to talk with Mrs. Quinn a little more about her past, her thoughts on Prep, and her hopes for her students.
Q: How do you like Prep so far?
A: The atmosphere is very welcoming and the students, staff, and administration are all very friendly.
Q: Where did you work before Prep?
A: I worked as a manager for Larson Textbook Company in Erie, and before that I was a teacher in New Jersey.
Q: Why did you decide to apply for this position?
A: I love math, especially calculus, and I have always liked working with students. It is my calling.
Q: If you could give one piece of advice to your new students, what would it be?
A: Do your homework! Also, make sure to ask questions and study for the tests. If you do these things you will have success in my class.
There you have it, a brief look at the new math teacher Mrs. Sue Quinn. She has done a phenomenal job adjusting to her new life at Prep, but as you know, adjusting to a new job can be difficult. So if you see her in the hall or elsewhere, be sure to introduce yourself and make her feel welcome. We at The Rambler would like to extend a welcoming hand to Mrs. Quinn, and to wish her luck during her time at Prep.