New attendance options a resounding success


Will Peterson

The updated attendance options announced in the Town Hall that can be read about here are officially in place. To summarize, students were asked to choose between going online full-time, hybrid, or going in-person full-time starting March 1.

It has been almost a full school week since the new attendance policy went into effect, and things are already starting to look different throughout the Cathedral Prep campus. The once barren halls of the hybrid schooling Cathedral Prep are now bustling with conversation and the footsteps of students with one student calling the change “so weird.”

Evidently, many students decided to attend school fully in-person with the percentage of students attending school fully remote or hybrid being much lower.

Many students who are currently hybrid seek to go full in-person soon after experiencing this change for themselves. Teachers are reacting positively to the increase of students in the building.

“I’m really glad that more kids are coming back because there is a much greater engagement than when most people were online,” said Mrs. Vomero, an English teacher at Prep.

How this change may affect the number of COVID-19 cases on both the Prep and Villa campuses has yet to be seen, but health and safety protocols remain in effect to mitigate the spread. One thing is for sure; many students are excited to be back in class.