Cathedral Prep vs. McDowell lacrosse


Matt Kalie, Staff Writer

On April 17 another Cathedral Prep-McDowell rivalry game took place at McDowell. The game at Gus Anderson field was a game that recognized family and friends of players from both Prep and McDowell campuses.

Players from each side got to each pick a few close people to them that they know who had cancer. At half time those people who were picked were asked to stand and be recognized for their battle against cancer. As always the energy from any Prep McDowell game was very high. A few players from the boys’ team explained the energy against McDowell as a “Game 7 type energy” with high hopes of sticking it to the cross town rivals.

For seniors, this was a big game, as it was the last game they played in a Prep uniform playing on McDowell’s turf. This game had a lot behind it, and the boys knew they were not going to let “that school on 38th Street” ruin their night.

The boys took care of business, winning by the final score of 14-5. The boys played a good physical game with limited turnovers and very good play in the next from junior Tanner Ball. Senior Ryan “Huddy” Hudson shared his insights on what happened on a chilly Monday night in April.

“It felt like it was something that had to be done,” Ryan said. “It was meant to be, especially playing against a few of my friends. It should not have even have been a competition. We should have smoked them out of the water, but we did make a good enough statement”.