The 2022 Presidential Leadership Council Leadership Cocktail Dinner


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

This year, many of the most generous donors gathered in celebration of their contributions to the school. This event was held at the Student Life Center with many faculty and students on hand to help.

“As far as the President’s Leadership Council Reception this year, it was a great event,” Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Pituch said. “It was extremely well attended by donors and other constituents of the school. Student speakers Hayden Hutchinson and Chloe Brugger, along with President Mr. Smith, gave outstanding addresses to the crowd.”

As mentioned above, students were asked to help with the event with volunteer spots filling up quick. Speakers from both MTA and Cathedral Prep were asked to say thank you to benefactors. Senior Chloe Brugger was one of the students who was asked to say a few words.

“I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to speak to an incredible group that truly supports the mission of our school community,” Chloe said. “They are a vital part of advancing the educational opportunities available to Cathedral Prep students. I hope to one day be like the individuals I met at the event by supporting an institution that has shaped me into the young woman I am today.

A big theme of the night was the new building, as many of their donations went towards the project.  As a result many people wanted to see what their donations went towards.

“Tours throughout the building led by student volunteers and administration highlighted the building project to the alums and benefactors in attendance,” Mr. Pituch said.

Those in attendance included the benefactors but also faculty and administration of Cathedral Prep. Long-standing faculty of the school, such as Mr. Achille, Mrs. Slaby, Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Oligeri, and Mr. Vicary were invited.

“I really enjoy this evening every year because it’s a great time to hear about all the exciting things going on at Cathedral Prep,” longtime donor and current art teacher Mr. Vicary said. “Hearing the students speak really gives perspective into how our donations directly impact the student experience.”

Overall, the event was a great night shared by students, faculty, and donors. With the new building and merger, this year was one of the more exciting. The night can be summed up with this quote from Mrs. Christine Eddy, VP of Development and External Affairs.

“The Advancement Office puts on so many events year-round, but the President’s Leadership Council cocktail party is one of my favorites,” Mrs. Eddy said. “It gives us the chance to celebrate our donors and all that they have done for and continue to do for our great schools. Faithful donors who have given year after year as well as new donors were in attendance that evening.  Our members of the President’s Leadership Council motivate and inspire others to follow. We are grateful for their generosity and commitment to our mission and vision.”