Valentine’s cheer sent to senior citizens


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, students at Cathedral Prep made Valentine’s Day cards for senior citizens during their Theology classes. The cards were made with paper and markers supplied by Campus Ministry. Students were also supplied with donuts from Krispy Kream as an added bonus for the project.

“I enjoyed being able to spend some time and give back to the community,” junior Grace Barrett said. “I want to do a lot more for the community, but I don’t really have the time for it with all of my other activities. I really appreciated the chance to actually sit down and do something good. The donuts also didn’t hurt.”

Many of the students at Cathedral Prep found this opportunity for service very beneficial. Like any event though, it required some serious planning from the people in charge.

“Honestly, the hardest part was just finding an organization to take care of all of the cards we were making,” Campus Minister Mrs. Grenci said, “After we found WCTL, who were willing to take them for us, it was really just a matter of transporting all the markers and paper to the classrooms. Volunteers from Campus Ministry then went through each individual card to count and make sure everything was good to go with them.”

Cathedral Prep was not the only organization to drop off cards for senior citizens, as it turns out this is quite a community effort.

“When I went to drop off the cards, there were already about five thousand other cards there from various other organizations,” Mrs. Grenci said. “I almost felt a bit bad for the people who have to go through them all because I was about to add another 800 cards to their workload.”