Second Quarter Sessions celebrates students’ achievements


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

Every quarter, students of Cathedral Preparatory school are honored for their accomplishments during the quarter. On Feb. 10 at the H. David Bowes Auditorium, students were bestowed with these honors by administration. This was the second quarter sessions since the consolidation, so everyone was a little more familiar with the process, which helped the event run smoothly. As always, students were awarded honors cards, Man and Woman of Prep, highest QPA in each class, and NHS award winners.

One of these students was Aidan Levis, who won the pennant for the senior class, which means he had the highest QPA this quarter.

“It was nice to see all the people who work hard to get good grades being rewarded for their efforts,” Aidan said. “I am thankful for the faculty of the school who helped me and all the other students accomplish their goals.”

While the event was an overall success there is definitely more room to grow for students.

“This quarter saw a decrease in honor cards by a few percentage points,” Mr. Pituch said. “Sophomores again captured the most honors card as well as the highest percentage (57 percent) with the seniors coming in second on both fronts.”

After students were honored the ceremony was capped off with an alum coming back to speak and share their experiences with students. Mr. Eric DiLuzio was the speaker for this event. He graduated in 2004 from Prep and has enjoyed a successful life after his time at the school.

“It was interesting to see the perspective of a Prep alum who has had many interesting experiences,” junior Kwame Anim-Somuah said. “Mr.DiLuzio is a good example of what students can achieve with the tools they are given at Prep.”

Overall, the second edition of the new look Prep’s quarter sessions was a success. With everyone coming together for the first time last quarter, setting the benchmark for future assemblies was a necessity. This quarter sessions was another step in the continuation of the traditions of Prep while also starting new ones with students from the merger coming together.

“I think it is great that everyone can come together to celebrate student’s talents,” said junior Callie Cacchione. “At Villa we had something similar with honors assemblies but with everyone now having a different experience in school it is nice to have a similar experience that we did at Villa while also adding on to it and sharing in a new tradition.”