Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Cathedral Prep


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

Throughout the last month Cathedral Prep has been celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Similar to Women’s history month, Hispanic Heritage month, and Black History month Mr. Moffett has attempted to keep students informed with various emails about historical and present day people of importance with Asian or Pacific Island background. Some of the people included are Bill Imada, Ajay V. Bhatt, and Leoh Ming Pei. Cathedral Prep hopes to become more diverse as showcased in the earlier article by fellow staff member, Alicia Gonzalez, on Hispanic Heritage month and the Asian American and Pacific Islander population is a large part of that.

“I feel lucky to be raised in a family from two different cultures and I have learned so much,” said sophomore Jonah Ng (Chinese heritage). “Tolerance, respect and determination to name a few. Despite what may appear to be outward differences I really feel in day-to-day life we are all just people with the same hopes and dreams.”

This sentiment is shared by other members of the school with Asian American Heritage.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my heritage because it defines who I am, and what I am all about in life,” said senior Tin Huynh (Vietnamese Heritage). “My heritage means the world to me, because I am able to express what it means to live in America as Asian American, I am able to express all the traditions, and the cultural values in America, and help people understand what it is like to live like an Asian American.”