‘Tis the Season for Promposals


The Rambler

It’s that time of year again, when people are getting asked to prom in both extravagant and simple ways. The seniors try to top others and make their “Promposal” the best anyone has ever seen.  As I’m sure all my fellow Prep seniors know, prom season is a very exciting time for you and your prospective date. You don’t want to let your date down, so give them a good surprise!
Now you may think promposals are an easy thing to do. However, if you are one of those guys who loves to go above and beyond, then this is going to take some quality thinking. If not everyone is aware of what is going on, the promposal can be intercepted and the effect of the surprise is lost. So you have to be smart and organized when you are planning to “propose.” If something gets in the way, just try to remember, “It’s the thought that counts.”
photoCreativity is one the main things that goes into a promposal (Who doesn’t like creativity?) When thinking of ideas, try to think of something that nobody has ever done. You want to be that person that everyone wants to top. However, if you’re someone with no creativity, here are a few ideas your date might love:

  • Take your date out and have the waiter or waitress bring out dessert with “prom” written on the plate
  • Have your date over for Chinese and write “prom” inside the fortune cookie
  • Send a dozen roses to your date’s house with a note that says prom
  • Message in a bottle
  • Be confident and ask your date in front of the whole school
  • Bake a cake and write “prom” on it.

Those are just a few simple ways to ask a date to prom. However, I know you guys are imaginative. You just have to take some time to think and you can make it happen.
photo (1)First hand experience: The day I asked my girlfriend to prom was a little nerve racking, but thankfully, everything worked out well. When she wasn’t home, I went to her house and placed a giant box filled with balloons, one rose, and two cookie cakes saying, “Will you go to prom with me?” As she arrived home, she entered her room, totally in shock.  She was absolutely speechless. She opened the box and out came a million balloons. She bent down, grabbed the rose, and it said “look behind you, there are 11 more.” As she looked, I came walking into her room with the rest of the roses asking her to prom, and she said yes.
I hope this helped. Good luck gentleman. Happy “Promposal” season, and may the odds be ever in your favor!