Staff Profile: Stan Kinecki

December 5, 2018

Michael Kinecki, better known as Stan, is a senior staff member of The Rambler. Stan has always loved the game of basketball. He began playing the game as a little kid and joined the Mount Carmel grade school JV team in the 4th grade. Stan continued to play for the Raiders of Mount Carmel all the way through his 8th grade year. Some of his favorite memories from grade school basketball were having an undefeated 6th grade season and nailing a buzzer beater to beat St. Peter’s in 7th grade. 

When Stan came to Prep, he was quick to join the freshman basketball team and was a part of one of the greatest freshman teams in Prep history. Their record was a remarkable 32-0. Stan contributed to these wins through his trustworthy three point shooting, which he says is the strength of his game. After freshman year, he went on to play JV his sophomore year, CYO his junior year, and is now back playing for the Prep varsity team senior year. As a player, Stan compares his style of play to that of retired NBA champion Ray Allen. Similar to Stan, Allen made his living knocking down clutch free throws and three pointers throughout his career. When asked what his favorite basketball memory was, Stan was quick to say Ray Allen’s game-tying 3-pointer at the end of game six in the 2013 NBA Finals between the Spurs and Heat, a series in which the Heat went on to win.

Stan loves the feeling that he gets from playing in a big game and scoring a lot of points, like in an AAU game, where he dropped a career high 33 points. He roots for the Duke University Blue Devils in college and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA. He says that his favorite player is Kevin Durant, even though he left his favorite team to go to Golden State.

After graduating, Stan is still considering a few options for college next year. The top schools on his list at the moment are Ohio State University, Kent State University, the University of Akron, and Robert Morris University. While he does not plan to play for the varsity teams at these schools, Stan did say that he will continue to watch and play the game for enjoyment. For now though, he is focused on enjoying his senior year and playing some great basketball for the Ramblers.

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