Scary bug spooks junior journalists

October 6, 2015

The junior members of Cathedral Prep’s journalism class experienced quite the scare Tuesday, Oct. 6, when a large centipede-like bug was spotted crawling up the wall of Mr. Hubert’s classroom. The four Class of 2017 journalists were already feeling uneasy since their leaders, the senior journalists, were absent from class this day on their retreat, and this chilling sight did not help to ease their troubled minds.

Junior Nick Frisina first spotted the bug.

Junior Nick Frisina first spotted the bug.

Nick Frisina, highly praised author of the popular Netflix Pick of the Week articles, first spotted the critter. “Look at that bug,” he murmured, just moments after he first caught sight of it. All eyes immediately went to the northwest corner of Room 402, where the bug was rapidly ascending up the wall. “I just got chills,” stated Jaryn Simpson, who is not a big fan of insects, arachnids, or any questionable macro-organism.

The aftermath of the bug meeting its demise on the wall.

The aftermath of the bug meeting its demise on the wall.

Mr.Hubert, being the responsible adult in the room, took it upon himself to eradicate said pest from the vicinity. “It’s a fast one too!” he exclaimed, as he attempted his first squish of the trespasser, but he failed when the behemoth bug sprinted away using its many spindly legs. Fortunately, after quite the dramatic battle of wits, man conquered beast and the bug was annihilated. Mr.Hubert returned triumphantly to his desk, able to rest easy knowing that a potential threat had been eliminated.

As one of the students who experienced this unsettling incident personally, my jimmies have been thoroughly rustled. I have seen bugs in the halls in the past but nothing like this. This was something out of a horror film. The bug was large, moved quickly, shined with an eerie glow, had too many legs to count, and left quite the icky residue on the wall. It’s disturbing to ponder just how many pests are lurking in the walls of Cathedral Prep, and perhaps if this very bug has already laid eggs, leaving a second generation of varmints behind to avenge its death.

This morning, the junior staff members of The Rambler entered the building full of ignorant bliss. They exit with an acute awareness of the reality of this hostile world. Danger lurks around every corner, and it’s certain to “bug” them for decades to come.

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