Jordan Spieth’s masterful performance at Augusta

Jordan Spieths masterful performance at Augusta

The Rambler

This past weekend, Jordan Spieth, a 21-year-old professional golfer from Dallas, Texas, showcased his dominance by winning the 2015 Masters in an impressive (-18) fashion, defeating the entire field by at least 4 strokes. Spieth’s victory places him in the record books as the second youngest player to win in Masters history. On top of this, Spieth set records for most birdies at the Masters as well as the lowest 36-hole, 54-hole, and 72-hole scores ever. Not bad for a 21-year-old.
What may be most amazing about this all-star, however, is his focus, humility, and perspective throughout his rise to fame. In the wake of his historic win, Spieth was focused on his autistic sister Ellie, who could not make it to the tournament. He expressed how much he missed her and that once he got home, she would be waiting for him, ready for a present from Augusta and plenty of time with her brother.
While it must be incredibly difficult to keep priorities in check during a meteoric rise to fame and stardom, Spieth remains centered around “what’s really important.” For him, seeing and spending time with his sister gives him the perspective he needs to remain confident in the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, golf is not that big of a deal—not nearly as much, at least, as family. For this, Spieth will become a household name and a role model for golfers all over the world.
Expect to see many more wins from Spieth. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the “Spieth Era” will last long after the roars of the 2015 Masters have subsided.