Staff Profile: Ellen Dieteman


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Ellen Dieteman is a senior at Cathedral Prep and a sister to five siblings. She has two older sisters, Katie Dieteman (’18) and Moira Dieteman (’21). Her younger sister Julia Dieteman (’25) also attends Cathedral Prep and is currently a sophomore. Her younger brother Joseph Dieteman and younger sister Claire Dieteman attend St. Jude’s grade school.

Her relationships with her siblings also vary because of their ages. With older sisters Katie and Moira who have moved out “keeping in touch online” has been key to maintaining their close relationships. With younger sister Julia who she is close in age to she says, “We’re more like friends and we can talk and hang out.” In her role as an older sister she connects with her youngest siblings by “playing sports or pursuing their interests.” Yet she says, “I don’t have a clear favorite, they’re all equal in the end.”

A skill they have taught her is patience. Because of being a sister she has learned to have “understanding and respect for people as well as being able to compromise.”

Her proudest moments as a sister include watching them succeed. She recalls feeling happy for them when “Katie got an internship and graduated college, when Moira got accepted into colleges, Claire being in a play, Joe being in sports, and Julia’s academic success.”

As she progresses out of high school and into college she wishes to keep the relationships she has built with each of her siblings. What is important to her is that, “Above all else, my siblings are my friends.”