What do Prep teachers want for Christmas?


Olivia Buckel, Senior Editor-in-Chief

This holiday season, the faculty and staff of Cathedral Prep were asked what they want for Christmas via Microsoft Forms. They were asked purely, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” and were free to respond however they wanted. The answers they gave are as follows:

Mrs. Deau, Integrated Science and Biology teacher at Cathedral Prep: “An endless supply of mulch for all my gardens.”

Mrs. Sanner, Guidance Counselor: “I want my kids to get along and love each other for the duration of Christmas break so I can peacefully drink my coffee while blissfully watching them from the comfort of my couch.”

Mr. McAndrew, English teacher: “Something from the Metropolitan Opera gift shop.”

Ms. Tech, Mathematics teacher: “In the end, I just want my kids to be happy.”

Jayson Nickson, Annual Fund & Events Manager, and Assistant Football Coach: “All I want for Christmas is to take beautiful Christmas photos of my new family. Looking forward to starting a new tradition, and sending Christmas cards every year.”

Mr. Ek, History teacher: “I want to provide for my family, I like to make Christmas about them, not me. I guess an Apple gift card.”

Ms. Muto, English teacher: “For Christmas this year I would like scrapbooking supplies. I love to make scrapbooks, especially of my dog, Dash.”

Ms. Kurtz, Honors Chemistry teacher: “Healthy family members, time with my niece, safe travel, God’s peace & joy to fill and renew our spirits.”

Mr. Parsons, World History, Financial Seminar, U.S. Government and Politics, and Financial Planning: “A Dallas Cowboys playoff appearance and Super Bowl!”

Mrs. Oligeri, Accounting, Financial Planning, Freshman Seminar, Business Law and Ethics, and Marketing teacher: “A 2023 Shiny Black Jeep Wrangler from Humes, 9 miles South of the Millcreek Mall in Waterford.”

Mr. Daeschner, current Spanish substitute teacher and former German, English, and social studies teacher: “I want every person related to the entire Prep community to have a happy and safe Christmas season.”

Dr. McLaughlin, Latin teacher: “Health and happiness.”

Mr. Flanagan, Vice President of Athletics: “It would be a late Christmas present: a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl title. Just one in our family’s lifetime. Just one.”

Ms. Schalk, arts teacher: “I am wishing for my future nephew to be born a New Year’s baby and for a safe delivery for my sister-in-law.”

Mr. Smith, president: “The book Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story. U2 is my favorite band and this is Bono’s memoir.”

Mrs. Martin, World History, Human Geography, and Psychology teacher: “This is not a joke. There is a ‘smiling toast lamp’ on Amazon that I really want. I see it and it brings me joy. Go on Amazon and look. You will need it too.”

Mrs. Hilliard, English and ELA skills teacher: “I would like my family members suffering from cancer and other medical issues to have improved health in the new year.”

Mrs. Drabant, English teacher: “I want a good break with lots of movies, books, hot chocolate, and time with my family. I’m always far more excited to watch my kids, nieces, and nephews open their gifts than to receive anything myself. Although I would love to get another of Penguin’s clothbound classics. Last year, my son gave me the Bronte sisters box set, and it is beautiful!”

Ms. Falk, theology teacher: “God always provides for my needs, so I never ask for anything in particular for myself. I do, however, want my mom to be as healthy as possible, for those who don’t have homes and food to find the help and resources that they need, and for everyone to come to know and love Jesus.”