Ramblers participate in March for Life


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The national March for Life took place on Jan. 20 in Washington D.C. While Cathedral Prep historically sent students as a school, this year students marched with the help of other organizations.

Our Lady of Peace parish and the People for Life organization both arranged transportation, which was available for students interested on making the trip. Even though success for the cause was found on a national scale, students marched to show support.

Senior Anthony Frisina has attended four times in the past with this year being his fifth time.

“Being part of something bigger than myself, marching with others, and hearing speakers was the best part of the trip,” Anthony said.

On a local scale, Ramblers attended the Pro Life Breakfast as well, hearing from speaker Patricia Sandoval. It was a chance to discuss the movement as its legality is now on the state level and to hear accounts of anecdotal stories.

Erie’s March for Life is scheduled for Jan. 28 downtown. By bringing the March closer it is making sure people still have an opportunity to be involved.

Mrs. Emily Grenci, Prep’s campus minister, urges those to attend the event. “Attend. Take the opportunity to try it out,” she stated. “It is a unique experience, and now it’s down to personal motivation to get students to go.”

Next school year, students can look forward to participating in the state trip to Harrisburg in September. Instead of going to the nation’s capital, Prep will be going to Pennsylvania’s capital to March for Life.