Fourth quarter of 2016-17 school year begins


Trent Robison

It’s hard to believe, but the fourth and final quarter of the school year has begun. Most students can agree that this school year has gone by very fast. This year was full of success from the football state championship to the musical Footloose to the wrestling team overcoming odds to, most importantly, being a Rambler.
As the days of summer vacation inch closer, the seniors are getting their last taste of Cathedral Prep. Many seniors are excited to leave and go off to college, but they are guaranteed to miss their time at Prep after they are gone for awhile. Why does Prep leave such a huge impact on the students? The brotherhood at this school is unmatched. Although sometimes it is hard to notice it, it’s always there.
The junior class will be entering their final year at Prep. It’s a scary thought. In just over a year, juniors will be going off to college themselves. This year has been the toughest so far for many students. With the amount of homework, tests, and of course the SAT, this year has been stressful, but the year is almost done, so keep working hard this last quarter.
Sophomores will be the juniors next year. Two years down and two more to go. Sophomore year is definitely not one to take lightly. Next year will be even harder. Continue to work hard, get good grades, and do what you love. Encourage your younger classmates to reach nothing but their full potential.
Lastly, the freshman. Step up next year and set an example for the incoming freshman. You were freshman this year, and you know what it was like to be the new kids of the building. Make the freshmen feel welcome and motivate them to do great in everything.
Even though this year has been stressful with all of the work, tests, and SAT, it has been a great year so far. Our school has experienced so much success and will continue to do just that.