XStat syringe has capacity to stop bleeding from gunshots in 15 seconds


The Rambler

Yet again, a few great things have been invented and released to active use in such little time. There are people that believe that science is actually moving quite slow compared to how it used to be. However, looking at the trends of things being released, it can be confidently said that this is not true.
Researchers have recently released something which goes by the name of XStat. It is a simple syringe; however, with the sponges that it’s loaded with, it has the capacities to stop bleeding from gunshots in only 15 seconds. This allows medics to pay attention to people who need more dire help, rather than spending time on people who are bleeding out as that is quite a large cause for death on the battlefield. The technology is simple enough; however, this little device has the ability to save hundreds of soldiers on the field, while perhaps also being open for use in hospitals for those who need emergency support.
Moving more into the extra-planetary discoveries, observers have been paying special attention to a certain moon orbiting Saturn which goes by the name of Enceladus, an icy moon which has amazing jets of water spurting off the satellite’s south pole. After a few flybys by a probe, it was quickly found that there is nothing on the surface to account for the stronger gravitational tug it exerted. This was perceived as almost certainly a subterranean ocean of liquid water which was causing anomalies on the sensor arrays aboard the probe, as this was outside the estimated values which it was looking for.
Nothing can be said for certain with the current data. There are a few other explanations such as heating within the moon as the core stretches and flexes to create the images. Needless to say, within a month or so, scientists are hoping to figure out the question of “Is there water on other planets?” that has been asked so often throughout history.