Mr. Smith hosts Villa alumni event


Olivia Buckel, Senior Editor-in-Chief

A “Coffee and Conversation” event with new president Mr. Smith was held in the Cathedral Prep Student Life Center on Monday, Nov.  21. In this meeting, Mr. Smith provided Villa graduates with an update on what the school is doing to incorporate Villa traditions and artifacts into the new Cathedral Prep. He also provided them with an opportunity to voice any concerns that they might have.

Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Pituch was in attendance at this event, and as a Villa alum himself, he was incredibly impressed.

“The event itself was very nice,” Mr. Pituch said. “Mr. Smith and other members of administration were able to have a nice time with several dozen Villa alums.  The alums’ ages ranged significantly, so it was great to listen to what Villa meant to them and get feedback on what they have heard about the new, coed Cathedral Prep.”

Villa alum Jessie Hubert, wife of Cathedral Prep teacher Mr. Hubert, graduated from Villa in 2005 and was in attendance for this event as well. Mrs. Hubert decided to share a story about how the Sisters of Saint Joseph helped incorporate faith into her life as a Villa student, and was equally as impressed as Mr. Pituch with the tone she was met with.

“The tone that the administration set was incredibly hospitable for the voices of the women, and men, graduates from Villa Maria Academy,” Mrs. Hubert said. “There was a real sense of listening with an intention to understand from the Villa alumni and the administration. It left me feeling hopeful and very inspired. It was a really special thing to be a part of.”

In addition, Mr. Smith as a whole was incredibly refreshing for her to hear from.

“Mr. Smith was a wonderful listener,” Mrs. Hubert said. “He had thoughtful answers. He spoke about the need of the school to be contemporary in our religious education, and I was really impressed by his communal values. He had really healthy answers.”

Overall, Mrs. Hubert is more proud than ever to be a Villa alumni and a part of the new Cathedral Prep.

“I left that breakfast dialogue feeling confident and proud to be part of the heritage as well as the future of the school,” Mrs. Hubert said. “I sense that they really want to have a posture of dialogue with Villa alumni. There are concrete things they are doing to incorporate Villa and keep it a living heritage within the context of Cathedral Prep, like including the color blue and keeping our sacred traditions sacred, and that makes me so excited for our future as a school.”